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Links tagged with “comedy”

  1. Dirty Feed – What The Papers Say

    I enjoyed this investigation into the origin of a joke from ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. (via b3ta)

  2. The comedy book index, part 3: Toast on Toast – Paula Clarke Bain

    The London Review of Fictional British TV Stars’ Memoirs’ Indexes.

  3. How To Talk Comedy Writer – Updated! — Andy Riley |

    Brilliant list of British TV comedy-writing jargon. (via Russell Davies)

  4. ‘Once you can handle the insults, you begin’: inside Philippe Gaulier’s clown school | Stage | The Guardian

    Lots of good nuggets about what it means to be on stage. And Gaulier’s manner sounds very like that of a teacher I had years ago, who was great.

  5. “You should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions” — Medium

    Good, long interview with Louis CK from a while back. About his career, childhood, writing, comedy, etc.

  6. Jonathan Coe reviews ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson’ edited by Harry Mount · LRB 18 July 2013

    Very good on the futility, even dangerousness, of political satire and dismissing politicians as corrupt buffoons.

  7. Recurring Developments

    Showing which episodes of Arrested Development each of its recurring jokes appears in. I’ve been researching recently; even better than I remembered. (via Waxy)

  8. Will someone rid me of this turbulent language | Robinince’s Blog

    On the Ricky Gervais “mong” debacle. It’s thoughtful posts like this that confirm how ineffectual tweets are for serious, nuanced discussions. (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  9. Stewart Lee: What I really think about Michael McIntyre : Features 2011 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

    On, you know, all that stupid stuff. Very good. Also, it ends with a joke. (via Alan Connor)

  10. YouTube - Talking Funny Part 1 Of 4

    Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis CK talking about comedy. Part 2 didn’t work for me in the UK, others OK. I’d love something like this involving Stewart Lee. (via Ted Mills)

  11. / Arts / Film & Television - Joking apart

    Stewart Lee on things being what they are, on the wrongness of turning one thng — a book, performance, etc — into another. (via Tom Taylor)

  12. Smithsonian Magazine | Arts & Culture | Being Funny

    Steve Martin on his early career and being funny without telling jokes.

  13. - reviews and writing - English Hecklers in New Zealand - May 2005

    “In the 90s, Baddiel and Skinner let the thugs have our comedy. And then Oasis and The Happy Mondays let the thugs have our music. Now there are lads at indie rock gigs and lads at comedy. Where is our space? What belongs to us?” (via Oblinks)

  14. NOTBBC - The Comedy Forum - Lee and Herring @ Tedstock

    YouTube video of Lee & Herring performing old and new material. “Hello, I’m a Mac.” “It could have been us! Where did it all go wrong!?” Very funny.

  15. Soho Theatre - Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

    Went last night and it was a lot of fun - on till 23rd December.

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