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Links tagged with “collage”

  1. Sohei Nishino - Diorama map London (Detailed info)

    Stunning photographic collage photo-maps of cities. Currently at Michael Hoppen Gallery, SW3 3TD until 2nd April. (via Blech)

  2. Flickr: Elspeth and Evan’s stuff tagged with digitalcollage

    These are very interesting, although they don’t feel like they’re quite there. It’s almost a shame that they’re based on existing photos (and that a lot are naken women (ooh, Art!)). It feels like it’s close to something though. (via Kottke)

  3. Modern History

    Awesome stuff: “a series of collages assembled exclusively from screen grabs of Youtube videos.” Free printable versions too. Remind me of John Martin paintings. (via Kottke)

  4. Philippe Jusforgues - Home

    Excellent photo collage illustrations. Very simple, very effective. (via Ted Mills)

  5. Kyle Reed Illustration | 905.297.9454

    Some of these collage illustrations are great, although I wish he’d use a few more of the original photos’ features rather than, say, making eyes out of black and white paper. (via Drawn!)

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