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2006-04-12 (Wednesday)



  1. André Carrilho

    Some fab distorted caricatures here. (But what is it with illustrators’ websites and endless Flash and pop-up windows? Hello, it’s the 21st century, please keep up.) (via Drawn!)

  2. Kyle Reed Illustration | 905.297.9454

    Some of these collage illustrations are great, although I wish he’d use a few more of the original photos’ features rather than, say, making eyes out of black and white paper. (via Drawn!)

  3. Hotel • Home

    I love the design of this site’s pages (designed by Paul Hetherington built by Dorian Moore). I’m not sure if I love it in spite,or because of it looking more like a paper brochure than a website.

  4. Lily Allen

    Catchy, wonderful tunes. But can I buy them or legally download them? No. Chance of me being sick of them before I can pay for them? High. How silly is the music industry? Very.

  5. Haddock Directory

    If you were thinking I’ve been keeping the site unusuallly up-to-date over recent weeks, it’s because an anonymous and glamorous assistant has taken over the task for me. Thank you, glamorous assistant!