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Links tagged with “coffee”

  1. Instant Class – Popula

    A nice piece on British coffee and class signifiers. (via Mark Hurrell)

  2. do I need to make coffee for coworkers when I don’t drink it… — Ask a Manager

    For the comments about the first question. “The British obsession around tea/coffee making, hierarchy and passive aggressiveness really knows no bounds in some workplaces.”

  3. The Invention of the AeroPress

    About the invention of the Aerobie (I had no idea the tiny lip around its edge makes a huge difference), the Aeropress, the inventor and the company. Lots of interesting tidbits.

  4. Easy Way to Set the Grind on a Hario Skerton

    Handy. (Trying really hard not to get too sucked down the coffee geek rabbit hole.)

  5. Coffee Drinks Illustrated « Lokesh Dhakar

    Different types of coffee made clear. I’d seen this before but didn’t bookmark it and had to… Google it! Never again.

  6. My coffeehouse nightmare. By Michael Idov

    Why not to dream about running a coffeeshop.

  7. LRB | Steven Shapin : At the Amsterdam

    Review of two books on the history of coffee houses. A fascinating summary of how lively, interesting and important they were. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

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