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2010-12-15 (Wednesday)



  1. Coffee Drinks Illustrated « Lokesh Dhakar

    Different types of coffee made clear. I’d seen this before but didn’t bookmark it and had to… Google it! Never again.

  2. Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To

    For next time I need to do this to my frying pan. (via Chrisdodo)

  3. The inhumane detention conditions of Bradley Manning - Glenn Greenwald -

    I increasingly find myself thinking that if the USA were a country that was mainly, say, Muslim, or full of dark-skinned, non-English-speaking people, the “West” would be deploring its behaviour, talking about sanctions, etc.


    A WordPress plugin (and more) that adds the ability to comment on paragraphs of a text (like CommentPress I guess?). The UI feels a little clunky.

  5. the Awesome Highlighter >> Highlight text on web pages

    Frames a web page and lets you highlight arbitrary sections of text and add sticky notes. You can’t seem to add notes to highlighted sections though.

  6. Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook

    Conversations around pages of a book.


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    @mnicsleepteachr If you log in to the website you should see the Trends on the right with a link to "change" the location,

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    UK's Twitter Trends currently: "Alan Sugar", "ISP", "Karen Brady", "Joanna", "Mountford" and "Viglen". Not bad, BBC.

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    Timing some seasonal snippets of @samuelpepys' diaries for @radioroundabout.

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    @russelldavies @antimega Is it the world's biggest scotch egg?! The size of a beach ball?

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    @GreatDismal A really clear diagram of what's in different types of coffee:

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    @revdancatt Bundle them up and print them out for safe keeping? Maybe distribute many copies around the country for redundancy?

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    @revdancatt I know just what you mean, sorry for polluting your mind. OTOH, I'd only be honoured if you ripped it off. You wouldn't be 1st.

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    @iamdanw Yes, very good. Probably less good if you don't go along with its idea of a socialist, modernist utopia, but I liked it :)

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    “Work is not the chief end of man… Do not let us dismiss fun as ‘mere’.” Tom Driberg, 1964, (Quoted in ‘Utopia London’)