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Links tagged with “charlesstross”

  1. Look for the Lungfish

    Some great paragraphs from a good post by Charlie Stross about questioning all assumptions when imagining what our future is like.

  2. A nation of slaves

    Charlie Stross on the Conservatives’ target of “full employment”. I hate their (and Labour’s) “hardworking families” rhetoric as if work, any work at all, no matter how it’s achieved or what the alternatives might be, is an end in itself.

  3. How low (power) can you go? - Charlie’s Diary

    Charlie Stross takes Moore’s Law and Koomey’s Law (improving power consumption) for a walk and imagines a very, very conmected city. (via blech)

  4. The Wrong Trousers - Charlie’s Diary

    Charles Stross on his M&S trousers and Scottevest many-pocketed fleece, plus many comments. (via @GreatDismal)

  5. Charlie’s Diary: The High Frontier, Redux

    Charles Stross on why space colonisation is a ridiculous idea. Colonising our own deserts and oceans is much, much easier but we’re in no rush to do that. (via Tom Taylor)

  6. Utopia - Charlie’s Diary

    Charlie Stross on why we need more utopian visions of the future. Not being very up with science fiction, I’ve been wondering recently if there is some of this around. Maybe not, yet. (via Magical Nihilism)

  7. Space Cadets - Charlie’s Diary

    Space colonisation would require a huge organised effort in an uninhabitable environment and so is “incompatible with both libertarian ideology and the myth of the American frontier.” (via Warren Ellis)

  8. Charlie’s Diary: Youth of today

    I love things like this, reminding those of us a little older what the world is like from a young person’s point of view. (via Mildly Diverting)

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