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Links tagged with “boots”

  1. Rate My Treads

    I love the effort and expense of these really specific consumer tests - which boots are grippiest on ice? (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Acrux² FL GTX Approach Shoe / Men’s / Footwear / Shoes / Arc’teryx / Arc’teryx

    Possibly the first walking/”approach” shoe/boot that doesn’t look hideous.

  3. Veldtschoen Variations

    My years-long inability to find waterproof and light-walking shoes/boots I like has currently come to this.

  4. - Roosters

    I got a pair of boots from Roosters over twenty years ago and (after a long time of not wearing them) I still like them.

  5. SF - RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know - Style Forum

    I love this level of obsession about any subject, and this is a fine example.

  6. Russell Moccasin Co.

    I’m a sucker for American practical clothing. These custom-made shoes and boots sounded good in a glowing Monocle article.

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