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Links tagged with “ai”

  1. A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft | The New Yorker

    On AI’s effect on programming, but also good just on enjoying writing code. (via everyone)

  2. Will Mr. Free Speech actually do anything? (Garbage Day)

    ‘If, at any point, I think, “oh wow, an A.I. could totally speed up the way I do this” about anything, I have to accept that that task or creative process no longer has any meaning for me in my life due to corrupting pressures of capitalism and I should, instead, probably spend time thinking about how I can never do it again, rather than automating the process to do it faster.’

  3. VQGAN+CLIP (z+quantize method con augmentations, interfaz amigable).ipynb - Colaboratory

    Second time I’ve tried this AI image generator “notebook” and, with the aid of translation, it worked this time.

  4. Art Machine - Colaboratory

    The first one of these Google Notebook things for generating images from a prompt by an AI that I’ve got to work. (via the b3ta newsletter)

  5. EleutherAI - text generation testing UI

    Another GPT-J-6B text-generating tool.

  6. Text Synth

    Easy, working thing that generates further text from a prompt using the GPT-J 6B or GPT-2 language models.

  7. Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear

    We talk about regulating the ethics of AIs but we can’t even do it for companies.

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