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2018-04-03 (Tuesday)


  1. Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear

    We talk about regulating the ethics of AIs but we can’t even do it for companies.

  2. Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read - The Atlantic

    I read this a few days ago and it was good and explained a lot but I can’t remember much of it now.


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    @RandomEtc “double it”

    But that might just be me.

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    @mildlydiverting Seems weird to me that anyone thought Slack *would* be good with thousands of users as an open forum. And a bit depressing these sorts of lessons have to be learned over and over again.

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    My daughter and her friends have grown up to refer to commercials of any kind as "Skip Ads".

    Usage Example: "I saw this really funny kitten in a skip ad yesterday."