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Links tagged with “aaronstraupcope”

  1. Who’s On First · Mapzen

    On making, basically, a database of places. You don’t need to understand the technical details to get a sense of the huge difficulties in translating these odd human concepts into something more computery. From August 2015. (via @simonw)

  2. straup/tiny-letter-tools

    Of course Aaron has made a handy (python command line) tool for making an RSS feed out of a Tiny Letter archive page.

  3. [this is aaronland] The “Drinking Coffee and Stealing Wifi” 2012 World Tour

    (December 2012) Aaron Straup Cope’s keynote. Museums online, archiving, Flickr, Foursquare, unique IDs… so much stuff, so good.

  4. Where Brooklyn At?

    Some digging into the metadata Aaron Straup Cope saved before Brooklyn Museum deleted their Flickr stuff. It makes me so mad and sad that they did this, not just the images but thousands of comments, tags, notes, too. On Flickr, you don’t own your own words.

  5. [this is aaronland] haystack triptychs

    More brilliance from Aaron - code to backup and make a lovely standalone site out of your Instagram photos.

  6. straup/parallel-flickr @ GitHub

    Wonderful. Aaron Straup Cope’s project to allow a self-hosted mirror of your Flickr photos, with all their data, permissions and same-structure URLs. (via Waxy)

  7. Woe db

    Searchable index of the Where On Earth ID location database, very nicely done.

  8. Flickr for busy people

    Which of your contacts have added photos recently?

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