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Links tagged with “3d”

  1. The tech of PIXAR part 1: Piper – daring to be different | fxguide

    I liked this not just because it’s amazing (every grain of sand on the beach is an individual model) but because it’s not written with normal people in mind: crammed with jargon and brand names with no explanation. An almost understandable glimpse of another world.

  2. Beeple - the work of mike winkelmann (cinema 4d project files, free vj loops etc.)

    He’s been making a new 3D science-fictiony image every day since 2007. Some lovely things. (via Bldblog)

  3. Making Tweedy’s “Summer Noon” video (or how I went from designing apps to directing a music video) — Allison House

    A really nice description of making a simple animated music video in a week by someone who’d only just started getting to grips with computer animation. (via Waxy)

  4. Digitally Distributed Environments

    Weblog with, currently, lots of models of London buildings for Google Earth.

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