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2014-07-10 (Thursday)


  1. Making Tweedy’s “Summer Noon” video (or how I went from designing apps to directing a music video) — Allison House

    A really nice description of making a simple animated music video in a week by someone who’d only just started getting to grips with computer animation. (via Waxy)

  2. A City of London report on potential options for improving Beech Street (PDF)

    The phrase “lipstick on a pig” springs to mind, because there’s so little that’s feasible. Making the road more pleasant, somehow, *and* improving access to the podium level, *and* getting rid of the yellow Exhibition Halls tunnel up there, would all be good.


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    @mathowie Before you know it you’ll manage a smug Facebook post, then Tumblr… eventually you’ll be strong enough for a newspaper column!

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    Next general election I’m going to vote so hard for a party that’ll get 2% of the vote in this constituency. That’ll show the establishment!

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    @stml Don’t you have to marry one and kill one? p sure those are the rules.