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2022-11-23 (Wednesday)



    I just launched the new website I’ve been working on, a large organised collection of good blogs.



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    @ollee @tomstuart @SimonRetromania Thanks! Yes, there came a point where he deserved to have everything in one place.

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    @Enchantedbooks My pleasure!

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    @russelldavies Your preference has been registered and we aim to optimise your content engagement experience going forward.

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    @dogwalkblog I have yet to achieve my dream of including every single blog in the world so I'm afraid there are some gaps.

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    Do let me know your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms and, of course, your favourite blogs. Thanks!

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    To keep updated with you can:

    * Follow @OohDirectory here or on Mastodon.

    * Read the site's own blog and its feed

    * Sign up for the occasional newsletter

    Tell your friends/enemies!

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    Here's my latest project: , a collection of hundreds of blogs.

    I was tired of hearing "no body blogs any more" and wanted to show that there are so. many. blogs!

    I have loads more blogs and features to add yet, and I hope you find something interesting.

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    @philgyford Ooh!

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    @philgyford *APPLAUSE*

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    @philgyford 🔥

    Added to

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    I knew her partner was Arab & what the smell was before I reached the end of the question.

    (Also I’ve maintained for YEARS that westerners simply cannot smell zankha even when it’s dizzying)