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2021-10-11 (Monday)



  1. My current photo library management solution – Colin Devroe

    Using the Mac Photos app for viewing only, and keeping the originals in dated folders.

  2. Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: Looking for Tether’s Money - Bloomberg

    Explaining how finance works. I’m glad he didn’t write economic text books decades ago because I might have stuck with economics A Level.

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  • dracos’s avatar

    Still works in the tunnel outside New Street. Nifty feature.

  • Barry4EU’s avatar

    We are short of HGV drivers. Part of Our government’s proposed solution is to remove this manoeuvre (apart from the very last bit - I won’t spoil that!) from the HGV driving test to make it easier for learner drivers to pass.

    Such are the “brains” running our country.