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2021-10-12 (Tuesday)



  1. RhetTbull/osxphotos

    “Python app to export pictures and associated metadata from Apple Photos on macOS. Also includes a package to provide programmatic access to the Photos library, pictures, and metadata.” (via Colin Devroe)

  2. Marc’s Place - SetEXIFData

    Mac app front end to exiftool, for setting Exif data on photos and videos, including using a map to set their location. A bit harder to see existing Exif data nicely. (via Colin Devroe)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @genmon “You lot”.

    Optionally add “‘orrible” as a qualifier.

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  • commander_mac’s avatar

    That's it, the Internet's peaked, everyone go home.

  • benterrett’s avatar

    I remember a meeting with @undermanager when Org suggested calling something <cryptic name>. Suggested people's reaction would be, "what's that?" and the answer would be <what thing is actually called>.
    Therefore save everyone time and call it what it's called.