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2020-07-15 (Wednesday)


  1. Photo Essay: 100 Years That Changed Houston | Houstonia Magazine

    I enjoyed these photos of people in Houston. (via Things Magazine)


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    @mikesten @tomcoates Blackouts were to prevent the entire area being targeted, not just your own house.

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    @csi_popmusic @matlock Oh yes, I was reminded of the condom parallel this morning with…

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    @philgyford The parallels between then and now are very strong. The government safety strategy was inept, and they made it voluntary, so the dominant public attitude was 'if the bomb hasn't got my name on it, it won't get me'. We're just as dumb now.…

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    Despite being a dig at the kinds of people who bang on about the Blitz Spirit probably also being those who refuse to wear masks, this is also a genuine question, if anyone knows. I assume there was resistance, but history gets rewritten into a "we all pulled together" narrative?

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    Despite what we hear about Blitz Spirit, presumably during WWII there were loads of people who were all “No To The Blackout!” and “Stop Rationing!” and “Don't Evacuate My Kids!” and “Air Raid Warnings Are A Hoax!” Or have we become collectively more stupid and selfish since then?

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    I've had enough of Matt Hancock bringing his ukelele to interviews

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    THREAD: This is a thread about Reply Guys. I like it when tweets go viral coz I'm a big show-off and Twitter is responsible for most of my career. When you go viral you get new followers, fun replies, sometimes even industry interest omg. But you also get: Reply Guys.