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2020-07-14 (Tuesday)

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  1. Flickr: The Help Forum: [Official Thread] We’re rolling out a new Flickr activity feed

    It’s great to be able to filter the photos to show only Friends And Family (or whatever). It was…


  1. Abbeydore & Bacton Group Parish Council

    More up-to-date than it first appears.

  2. Ewyas Lacy Study Group

    Quite deep local history site, very near us.


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    @mathowie I was excited to have bought a ticket to see them in London last summer. Then realised it was during the one week I was away on holiday.

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    @genmon When @hmhb's 'Four Skinny Indie Kids' popped up on shuffle the other day I thought its list verses sounded very like these tweets, so now I will sing them to myself.…

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    @simonw No, we are protected purely by "common sense". As you can see, it's working terribly well.

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    @jkottke Also, they turn fuzzy, difficult issues made up of gray areas into simple good/evil binaries. Also also, they absolve individuals of any responsibility for doing anything other than get angry at (or despairing about) massive, high-level entities they feel powerless against.

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    @genmon I don't believe you do this. Or do I? I'm so confused!

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    @infovore This might be a bit of an old man complaint, but I wish they consistently named the record labels. A few of the blurbs mention them, but otherwise nothing. I like that bit of context, and the potential source for exploring music.

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    The www.kickscondor team is having serious internal struggles right now that no one should be privy to. Please do avoid interacting with our website for the next 96 hours as we run a full chkdngn /r. In the meantime, please retweet us as if everything is on track! #nattreztres

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    managers presenting on Q2 2020 😳

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    if designers could just make up their bloody minds on whether headings are big bold text or very big thin text instead of changing this every leap year we wouldnt need design systems