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2020-03-20 (Friday)


  1. Buy on Bandcamp today

    Today, Friday 20th March, Bandcamp are waiving fees so more money goes to artists. Here’s some music there that I love.


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    These government press conferences are improved by opening another browser tab and playing this in it…

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    Today @Bandcamp are waiving their fees, so it's a great day to buy music and support artists who have had tours cancelled. Here's a quick list of stuff I really like…

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    @Annaleen @mala Thanks both!

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    Here's @philgyford's reccs (love Withdraw by Fresh!)…

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    Signing an email two weeks ago: Best, Emily
    Signing an email now: Wishing that Providence may spare you and yours, and keep you in good health and good cheer, I remain, &c &c,