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2020-03-19 (Thursday)


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    Other kinds of JS-only pages make me sad and disappointed too of course, but JS-only job-listing pages make me *professionally* sad and disappointed. Being sad and disappointed at all other JS-only pages is a hobby. Or maybe a "pro-am" pastime.

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    In these troubled times it's reassuring to discover that some things haven't yet changed: I'm still very sad and disappointed when I come across a job-listing page that only displays job vacancies when JavaScript is switched on.

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    Those evenings where there’s a big live event on or someone really famous dies, and all the tweets are about nothing but that for a few hours, except for months.

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    My main tip for working from home? Treat it like work. Get up at your normal time. Shower. Dress in a translucent wetsuit. Structure is key.
    Just put on your ECG monitors and float in a pool predicting future-crimes same as you would if you were in the office. It really helps.

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    so no one was gonna tell me that walruses can whistle i just had to find this out on my own?