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Buy on Bandcamp today

Bandcamp are waiving their fees today, from midnight to midnight US Pacific Time, so it’s a good time to splurge and support artists who can suddenly no longer tour. Tom Critchlow suggested blogging some recommendations of things to buy. So here’s a hasty list of some things I’ve bought and liked.

§   Update, 1 May 2020. Bandcamp are doing this again today, and on the first Fridays of June and July. Since I last wrote I’ve particularly enjoyed everything by ME REX whose wordy songs I enjoy more and more. Here’s their most recent single, Flood:

And there’s a new album out by Diet Cig, Do You Wonder About Me? whose first album I loved:

And Specialist Subject, a record shop and label from Bristol, have a compilation album of demos by their artists, Furlough Your Dreams, available for only 24 hours:

§   Love Keeps Kicking by Martha from Durham who are ace and I’ve listened to this indie pop/rock album, and their previous ones, over and over.

Designer by Aldous Harding from New Zealand. Sincerely slightly, gently bonkers songs.

Withdraw by Fresh. London-based indie pop/rock which I love.

PROTO by Holly Herndon AI-powered glitchy choral electronic stuff.

Not With That Attitude by Fightmilk. More indie rock/punk/whatever from London which I play lots. They also have a new single out which is ace and namechecks Carl Sagan.

2020 by Richard Dawson from Newcastle is so brilliantly mundane Britain, folky, rocky, Robert Wyatt-y, etc.

Clumsy Knot by Randolph’s Leap, from Glasgow who have been going ten years, so they have loads of other albums I should get round to but this is the one I have, and I love the earwormy tunes and the witty lyrics.

Ten Hymns From My American Gothic by St. Lenox, “an indie pop outfit helmed by Andrew Choi”. The album was “written, performed and recorded by the writer in off hours, while working as an attorney in Manhattan” and I’ve found it, and his others, oddly addictive.

Sunchokes by Remember Sports from Philadelphia is brilliantly poppy indie punk. So good.

Night Sands by Sara Renberg, based in Pittsburgh, is poetic, funny and lovely.

Lingua Franca by Linqua Franqa from Athens, Georgia always reminds me I should look for more low-key, quick-flowing rap because I keep coming back to this album.

Soft Spots by Adult Mom. I saw her play solo at Indietracks to a crowd oblivious of the drizzle because her songs are beautiful and heartbreaking.

Talking of Indietracks, all their compilation albums are splendid if you’re inclined in any way to indie pop/rock/punk and proceeds go to support a railway museum in Derbyshire.

That’s more than enough suggestions. Buy!

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