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2020-03-21 (Saturday)



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    Enjoying @randolphsleap's recorded-in-isolation album…

    "I can feel the cabin-fever creeping up and creeping in and creeping over my face.
    Tins of soup, spaghetti-hoops, it's only been four days and, oops, I've eaten half of the case."

    Other corona tunes?

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    I strongly suspect there isn't actually much panic buying or hoarding in the way we imagine. Supermarkets in the UK took £193.4bn in revenue in 2019, which is £3.7bn/week. £1bn extra has been added over 3 weeks: approx 10% rise per week for 3 weeks. That's small, give that...

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    someone on here said housebound techies making joke video backgrounds for Zoom is just middle-aged Tik Tok and I’ve never been owned so hard in my life.

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    @philgyford @randolphsleap I made an album with a friend in February, themed on the
    Strasbourg dancing plague of the 1500s, and other dancing manias (inspired by early news of Coronavirus):

    We did it as part of the RPM challenge (write, record and launch an album in February).

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    Oh fuck off you patronising let me fucking help you you ignorant fucking working class fucking whatever fucking hiousbiund can;tr fucking cook here I am witjh a fucking tv series humourless britpop fucking cockery book fuck…

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    Join @jamieoliver in his brand new show as he helps the nation with easy recipes, cooking tips and ingenious hacks whilst many of us are staying at home.
    Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On starts Monday at 5:30pm #KeepCookingCarryOn