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2017-12-18 (Monday)



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    This’d be good. It’s a lovely place.…

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    Falkland Islands Television is looking for recent UK graduates to join them for a paid 12-month internship in the South Atlantic:

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    @gilest @iamdanw Representative democracy Giles. We can’t go building cable cars willy nilly just because the newspapers owned by cable-car-loving oligarchs have whipped the public into a frenzy.

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    @iamdanw @gilest Tsk. If you’re caving in to the demands of your modernising cable car extremists already I’m going to start the Old Ban Cars Build Homes No Borders faction.

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    @fosta I’m not convinced that will increase the appeal…

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    @dracos Oh I had no idea… ta!

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    @phl Yes, me too, but unfortunately both my banks say they no longer accept them.

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    What does one do with a cheque in US Dollars? Neither Smile nor Nationwide will let me pay it in. It’s not a huge amount - Amazon Associates - but this is frustrating.

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    If you’ve ever used Storify, you can import your stories into @jwheare’s lovely Exquisite Tweets here before Storify is closed.

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    @GennHutchison It's nerd culture. You prove how much you love something by a) how much minutiae you know about it and b) that you're a purist. The nerd purity test is more toxic now b/c nerd culture has become mainstream and so threatens those who held the keys to the kingdom.

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    Ha ha

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