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2017-06-10 (Saturday)

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  1. This was a vote for a better politics and the prospect of real change | Letters | Politics | The Guardian

    While watching several hours of the BBC’s election night coverage I was struck by how often “young…


  1. Cody Cobb

    Lovely landscape photography. (via The Online Photographer)


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    @benhammersley I thought they look like characters from a Ben Wheatley film, and will end up ritually murdering everyone around them. Maybe.

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    Someone who writes for online publications today has to be their own archivist in addition to the many other hats worn already.

  • svskier1’s avatar

    Classic humor from Adam West. His phone book listings in Ketchum ID

  • ruskin147’s avatar

    Political pundits are brilliant - they utterly failed to predict the election result but they already know why it happened & what comes next