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8 June 2017


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    @maxgadney It looks like they had to hurriedly set up a studio in a large office. “What? There’s an election?! OK, sofa there, put a telly there…”

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    Vine in 3D Commons. Vine in 3D Downing Street. Come on, just show a graph.

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    Twitter shows me an ad for Sky News telling me the polls close in one hour. Well done everyone!

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    Why does this man have to stand on a balcony while Dimbleby interviews him?

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    @Zoonie Yeah. And I reckon, unfortunately, he’s still probably popular with punters.

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    We’ll all be laughing until Boris becomes PM.

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    Hey everyone! Big Brother’s on!

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    @infovore I love these collections of graphics from sci if movies.

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    In these trying times we all need our comforts. Starting ‘Seinfeld’ again.

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    Registered to vote?

    1. Find your polling station:
    2. A polling card isn't required
    3. Polls close at 10pm
    4. Vote!

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    Oh my god @EmilyThornberry is the absolute queen of sass

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    I can't cope with the drama, so I'm watching House of Cards right now.

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    How could @UKLabour lose with strident, full-blooded support from the country's most powerful leftwing newspaper on Election Day?

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    He's preparing exit polls
    He's checking them twice
    Not really interested in safe seats like Haltemprice
    John Curtice is coming to town

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    @maxgadney yes keep going I’m copying all of this into a scene I’m writing