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2014-11-23 (Sunday)


  1. Adam Shatz reviews ‘Congo’ by David Van Reybrouck · LRB 23 October 2014

    This stopped me… After a long account of decades of central African bloodshed, “the profits from ‘conflict minerals’ peaked [in 2000], fed by increased demand for mobile phones and the release of the Sony PlayStation 2.”David Van Reybrouck

  2. Francis FitzGibbon · Short Cuts · LRB 23 October 2014

    Interesting about exactly how much or little the Human Rights Act, which the Tories want to repeal, constrains the British government.


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    Since “finishing” nearly two years ago I’ve prepared over 3,100 new tweets for @samuelpepys. 7.5 years to go!

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    @infovore @ntlk I’ve seen several people recommend what I assume is the same place: ?

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    @thisisaaronland I heard history was going to be cancelled due to falling ratings, despite a social media campaign by devoted fans.

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    @paulmmay Very understandable. I don’t even have that excuse :)

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    @paulmmay I used to be happier to spend more evenings and weekends at the computer. Maybe that was youth, or enthusiasm, or something else…

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    There’s so much code and prose I want to write, and yet so little time outside work hours that I want to spend sitting at a keyboard.