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2014-02-22 (Saturday)


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    @Zoonie Although, on their own, even 21st century guitar bands aren't going to help with that whole "being up to date" thing.

    Islington, England, United Kingdom

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    @Zoonie Teenage Cool Kids and Parquet Courts (who share at least one member) both sound very Pavement / Sonic Youth. And from 21st century!

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    Finding newish bands that sound like the old bands I liked makes me feel up-to-date without having to actually evolve my taste. Comforting.

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    And now I must go and make the most of my micro.

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    Aww, Ian McNaught-Davis died recently. I had no idea he was a mountain climber before TV.…

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    Achievement unlocked: nodded at Gilbert & George as we passed one another on our respective Dalston walks

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    @benterrett that's really only you. restaurants are open at times people eat and, no, they don't do cheese & pickle sandwiches.

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