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2011-10-09 (Sunday)



  1. Rude Britannia is a myth, says report into English manners | Society | The Observer

    “While people care more deeply about bad manners and unkindness from strangers than they do about crime … they are often unaware of how their own behaviour might offend.” The report isn’t yet on the Young Foundation’s site,

  2. The Business of Blogging | The Sartorialist − BoF – The Business of Fashion

    How ‘The Sartorialist’ blog makes money. (Mainly advertising, but a few other sporadic things too.) (via @GreatDismal)


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    @chrislunch @benhammersley @matlock But the Waitrose thing is just "How do we divide up this amount of money?" So the spend is predictable.

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    @agpublic At least, that's how I interpret it.

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    @agpublic I don't believe it's in widespread usage. Those who, through breeding, are blessed with many good things in life, hair among them.

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    @newspaperclub You should find a computer programming quiz and see how Art and Engineering compare at that.

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    Pig-faced, suited comb-overs and their double-hair, braying sons.

    City of London, England, United Kingdom