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Yeah, it’s lovely. Nice and simple but plenty of information there. And it looks like you were listening to what the teacher said we should do, rather than defaulting to how you usually draw, which I rarely managed, so well done :)

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1 Apr 2011 at Twitter

  • 5:05pm: @tomtaylor Jelly bean addiction might look cool and “sick” but it’s a very real problem. We’re here for you Tom.
  • 1:20pm: After adding 47,478 <a href>s to this text over the years I seem to be slowing up drastically.
  • 12:07pm: @spaceboy Look at map on Flickr! Backstreets south of Great Eastern Street.
  • 12:03pm: Looks a bit office-parties-and-tequila but I'm still excited by prospect of Mexican-ish breakfasts near the office.
  • 10:30am: There aren’t many job ads this ideal for someone who loves both Django and karaoke (which isn’t me):
  • 9:48am: @denisewilton You’re supposed to add “USE THIS ONE 2” to the name of the correct file.
  • 8:09am: @tomcoates @cityofsound That kind of thing Just Works (most of the time) if you use Echofon on each device. So good.

1 Apr 2011 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. The Animals (23)
  2. The Marvelettes (15)
  3. Stereolab (13)
  4. Pizzicato Five (13)
  5. AGF (13)
  6. Cats On Fire (12)
  7. The Rolling Stones (12)
  8. Tortoise (12)
  9. Talking Heads (11)
  10. Au Revoir Simone (9)

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