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2011-02-25 (Friday)

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  1. Teller’s shoes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Aren’t spats a thing that you wear over shoes/ankles? PS, more photos of famous people touching…


  1. MySociety » Blog Archive » Seeking to Contract an Interactive Designer for FixMyTransport

    The good folks at mySociety are looking for a freelance designer to make their new project beautiful and lovely.

  2. Dancarroll / django-activitysync / source – Bitbucket

    Django app for aggregating activity from different services, currently Twitter, Google Reader and Reddit.

  3. Virtualenv and pip Basics | Jontourage

    Nothing I didn’t already know, but explained simply and clearly, which will be handy if I have to describe this stuff to anyone else.


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    @mildlydiverting I want eyes with a "take screenshot and upload to the Internet" button

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    @designswarm Careful, you might enjoy it!

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    @alicebartlett You should probably also produce budget projections for the 2011/12 financial year, and give the toilets a clean.

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    I’m rarely busy tonight, thankfully.

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    Using the new “only accept invitations to future events if you’d go to it if it was tonight” rule. I might never go out again, but still.

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    @kriswager Yes, I run both and @samuelpepys .