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2011-02-24 (Thursday)

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  1. Tim wright: digital writer: The Story: using the wrong tools for the job

    I’ll have to think about it more, but I’m not sure about some of the things you think are the wrong…


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    I’d’ve loved to be at Personal Digital Archiving conference today/tomorrow, but it’s far away. Hope it’s good! #pda2011

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    Can just about drown out the drilling from upstairs with the power of the new headphones, but I’m not sure it’s doing my ears any good.

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    These still moments, sitting in a coffee shop, watching the street, the morning almost bright… this is a future that's good enough.

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    @moleitau Oh I didn't know that but, as you say, it makes sense now!

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    @neb Congrats on reaching blooming 40!

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    The only thing worse than bumping into Facebook friends while you’re with your Twitter friends is when your Myspace friends try to rob you.