Tim wright: digital writer: The Story: using the wrong tools for the job

I’ll have to think about it more, but I’m not sure about some of the things you think are the wrong tools for the job. Or why you think a quill is the right tool for the job? Isn’t it just an older tool?

If you want to only use “natural tools” you should probably be telling stories orally, or acting them, rather than writing them down using man-made implements, on man-made materials. Either way, you’ll still have to rely on a language created by man (unless you use mime) but it’s probably as natural as you’ll get. (This paragraph sounds facetious — it’s not supposed to be.)

I guess I’m just not sure why you feel that *different* ways of telling stories are the *wrong* ways of telling stories. I’m not saying you’re mistaken, just that I don’t understand what your argument is.

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24 Feb 2011 at Twitter

  • 4:50pm: I’d’ve loved to be at Personal Digital Archiving conference today/tomorrow, but it’s far away. Hope it’s good! http://bit.ly/fAY5XX #pda2011
  • 2:27pm: Can just about drown out the drilling from upstairs with the power of the new headphones, but I’m not sure it’s doing my ears any good.
  • 9:18am: These still moments, sitting in a coffee shop, watching the street, the morning almost bright… this is a future that's good enough.
  • 9:12am: @moleitau Oh I didn't know that but, as you say, it makes sense now!
  • 9:11am: @neb Congrats on reaching blooming 40!