Jeremy Hunt to axe The UK Film Council - Moolies

“I don’t know about clueless outraged Twitterers, Phil - I’m sure there were plenty of those, as normal but I do hope that referring to industry sources and newspaper articles explaining the news doesn’t fall in to that territory?!”

It can do, but I’m not saying it necessarily does here :)

It’s the “I’ve read an OUTRAGEOUS article and I’m going to post an outraged tweet about it, in the hope it outrages more people” knee-jerk reaction… without the tweeter knowing any background or context for the story. Which, perhaps, may be partly the fault of whatever news article they read not providing background. But it’s also the limited thought people often give to these things.

Hell, maybe I’m wrong about this and it’s really simple and it is an outrage and there’s not much more background to the story at all. I just get the feeling it’s not as simple as it first appears.

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27 Jul 2010 at Twitter

  • 7:56pm: Things are really good recently.
  • 9:34am: All this UK Film Council outrage: Weren't they going to be merged with the BFI anyway? I don't know enough background.

27 Jul 2010 in Links