Week 369

No client work this week, which was a welcome luxury.

The first couple of days I spent mostly catching up on tasks which had been delayed for way, way too long. Upgraded my Movable Type installation to v5.02 and tidied up some issues left over from the old upgrade from v4.x. Spruced up my long-neglected Whit Stillman website. It’s only the default WordPress 3 theme, but it looks alright, and WP is proving ever-nicer.

I seemed to spend far too much of Wednesday arguing with people on Twitter and email about whether advertising was a good thing or not. A really pointless argument (no one’s going to change their point of view) which left me feeling angry, frustrated, isolated, and irrationally disliking more people than I feel comfortable with.

Towards the end of the week I was working out how to deploy a Django site. I’ve done some fiddling around with Django on my laptop, and worked on a site that was already live, but I have no idea how to get it working on a server from a standing start. Specifically, how to do so on my shared servers at Joyent. It might be possible but, for someone who’s only used to uploading PHP files and having them Just Work through Apache, it’s a whole new world.

Next week I start work on a project for a new client, which came about due to my Today’s Guardian site. Getting work as a result of something I did purely to scratch my own intellectual itch is a good thing.

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17 Jul 2010 in Photos

17 Jul 2010 at Twitter

  • 7:07pm: @jwheare So maybe if I had to go all the way down the road to get sugar, that would be thoroughly garnered?
  • 6:58pm: Why do people only ever garner attention? Why not, "I'm just popping next door to garner some sugar"?
  • 5:04pm: @tobybarnes I switched from iScrobbler to the Last.fm app and then forgot and quit that leaving me with NO ACTIVE SCROBBLING! The horror.
  • 4:04pm: Ugh, just listened to 22 tracks before realising Last.fm scrobbling wasn't switched on. My entire life has been a waste.
  • 3:32pm: @suegyford I'd like to see all of Jim Emerson's "102 movies you must see": http://bit.ly/bLy38u
  • 1:44pm: @tomtaylor They always seemed quite good when I used to go. Maybe it's changed, or some assistants are better than others...?
  • 10:57am: People queuing to get in to Breakfast Club. Weirdoes. The Diner it is!
  • 10:23am: Breakfast Club o'clock Club.
  • 10:15am: Today's Pilates class was only tiring because of the endless chattering of the supply teacher and her CD of new age music.

17 Jul 2010 in Links

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Ikonika (29)
  2. Harlem (16)
  3. Tune-Yards (12)
  4. Serena-Maneesh (8)
  5. Paolo Conte (5)
  6. Louis Armstrong (5)
  7. The Roches (5)
  8. Andreya Triana (5)
  9. Digital Mystikz (3)
  10. Gang Starr (3)

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