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2010-07-16 (Friday)


  1. ‘Cognitive Surplus’ by Clay Shirky

    My notes from reading the book.



  1. Finsbury market trader wins battle to stop flats and shops grab | Islington Tribune

    From a couple of months ago about the derelict shops on Whitecross Street that are now up for auction for £3 million.

  2. Awkward Stock Photos

    Can’t. Stop. Looking. Just. One. More. Page… (via Kottke)


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    I think I might happen to find myself at the Jerusalem Tavern, purely accidentally of course.

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    Phew, very lengthy worky phone calls over. Time for a quick walk in the evening sun to decompress. And decide what to have for dinner.

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    It's that point in 'Skins Apprentice' where the team starts getting a little panicky about how much there is left to do.

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    @wendyinfutures Funny that Paris's precursor to the High Line only gets a brief mention at the very end.

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    @blech Not only am I now Mayor, but I was given THREE poached eggs today! Hard to believe the day could get any better.

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    @EnemyOfChaos The 50 Least Influential Media Players?