Week 368

Things eased off a little this week, sandwiched between a way-too-hectic week and what is, currently, a long summer free of any commitments.

I spent one day at Somethin’ Else wrapping up the final few wrap-uppable issues with the front end development. That’s all, at last, over, and a shiny new site should be coming to a browser near you very soon.

The rest of the week has been filled with catching up on overdue bits and pieces, approaching a wonderful feeling that I understand is called “being on top of things”. Crossing off tasks that have been nagging me for way too long is very good indeed.

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9 Jul 2010 at Twitter

  • 7:26pm: Talking people on the train are even more distracting and annoying when you realise they're almost exactly the same as you.
  • 4:13pm: @synx508 Awww, but it's quite sweet to get a chunk of 20th century delivered every year.
  • 2:53pm: Replaced one old, still wrapped Yellow Pages with a newer, smaller, wrapped Yellow Pages. They are simply memories of how we used to live.
  • 1:33pm: Breakfast, Pepys, new office fans, Chart Hits 83, bloggage, ticking things off. Time for the weekend.
  • 9:25am: We've got the washing up situation sorted, but someone MIS-SHELVED A BOOK! Chaos, anarchy and revolution rule in #BRIG.
  • 9:06am: @dorianmoore But when (if) the code finally works, all is good. Phew.

9 Jul 2010 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. Ikonika (22)
  2. Throwing Muses (13)
  3. The Wolfgang Press (12)
  4. Dinosaur Jr. (10)
  5. Miles Davis (8)
  6. Luscious Jackson (7)
  7. Yazoo (2)
  8. Nick Drake (2)
  9. Prince (1)
  10. Los Campesinos! (1)

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