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2008-10-30 (Thursday)

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  1. The only watch to ever go to the moon… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Nearly all watches have that time in adverts, catalogues etc. People have suggested many reasons…



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    Rebuilding the Desktop.

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    Wilton's Music Hall (which is awesome) is showing 'The London Nobody Knows' on Sat night, free. Perfect location. Go! (I'm busy.)

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    System 6, ClarisWorks, FreeHand 3, ResEdit, After Dark, WindowShade, Disinfectant, BBEdit Lite 3, DiscDoubler, Anarchie, MacSlurp, ToadNews.

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    Archiving stuff off floppies... TurboGopher, Photoshop 2, MacWais, AddMail, Homer, Hellcats, HyperCard, PopUpFolder, email, diary...

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    After knocking a glass of water across my desk (thankfully missing the computer) the day can only get better. Right?