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Nearly all watches have that time in adverts, catalogues etc. People have suggested many reasons why this is so (the time Lincoln was shot, the time the first atomic bomb was dropped, etc) but the most likely seems to be that it means the manufacturer’s logo is prominent, and it possibly looks more “happy” than if the hands were at 8:20 or something. Nothing more profound than that.

The answer here is about as reliable as it gets.

PS, When I lived in Houston I was just round the corner (well, on a Texas scale) from JSC.

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Thursday 30 October 2008, 9:31am

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30 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 4:16pm: Rebuilding the Desktop.
  • 12:31pm: Wilton's Music Hall (which is awesome) is showing 'The London Nobody Knows' on Sat night, free. Perfect location. Go! (I'm busy.)
  • 10:41am: System 6, ClarisWorks, FreeHand 3, ResEdit, After Dark, WindowShade, Disinfectant, BBEdit Lite 3, DiscDoubler, Anarchie, MacSlurp, ToadNews.
  • 10:00am: Archiving stuff off floppies... TurboGopher, Photoshop 2, MacWais, AddMail, Homer, Hellcats, HyperCard, PopUpFolder, email, diary...
  • 8:33am: After knocking a glass of water across my desk (thankfully missing the computer) the day can only get better. Right?

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  1. Camera Obscura (11)
  2. The Mountain Goats (10)
  3. Jaga Jazzist (8)
  4. Alton Ellis (8)
  5. Calexico (6)
  6. Joe Bataan (4)
  7. Bec & Beth (4)
  8. Bloc Party (4)
  9. Quickspace (3)
  10. J Mascis (2)

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