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Blogroll Keepers #9

In the few months since the last post of these ones in which I list blogs and newsletters I’ve given a try and stuck with, I’ve gathered quite a few more. And managed to catch up with (or marked-as-read) most things in my Feedbin lists. Such a feeling of freedom! These and more are also in my Blogroll.


  • The Beauty of Transport by Daniel Wright doesn’t update frequently but every post contains good writing and photos about the design of a train station, some transport-related signage, a bridge… if this kind of thing is up your street, it’s really up your street.

  • I’ve loved Marcus’s books about music, and so enjoy his occasional blog posts here. He also has a newsletter, below, which I’m guessing means this blog will update less often (shakes fist futilely at Substack).

  • How NOT to write about music by Everett True who I used to read in Melody Maker, way back. He stopped posting for a while but appears to have started again, and I enjoy it lots.

  • Mo Morgan’s Weeknotes. The personal blogs of people-I-don’t-know-well can be uninteresting, just as I’m sure mine could be. But I enjoy reading Mo’s. Some work, some personal stuff, some bass guitar.

  • The Online Darkroom by Bruce Robbins. The first of several photography blogs this time. This one features writing about photographs developed in a darkoom, which is obviously not a common thing these days.

  • Orson Cart. It only updates occasionally, but a blog devoted to documenting the construction of horse-drawn carriages such as this is worth the wait.

  • Sweeping the Nation. I can’t remember how I first came across the promoter of the Leicester Indiepop Alldayer, but I like reading about and listening to the music they pick out here.

  • Thom Hogan - News/Views. The second photography blog. Hogan runs wildlife photography workshops in Africa and has lots of interesting things to say about cameras and taking photos.

  • The Wandering Lensman by Dennis A. Mook. The final photography blog this time. I’m not interested in blogs that constantly seek the latest gear, but these ones are all interesting about using cameras, taking photos, and the state of photography these days.

  • Winnie Limm. Another personal blog of someone I don’t know, and I can’t remember where I came across it. But I enjoy reading Winnie’s thoughts.


  • Griefbacon by Helena Fitzgerald. I follow loads of blogs and newsletters but I can count the ones containing great writing on one hand. This – “a bunch of long, weird essays” – is one of them and I’ve only read the free editions.

  • Greil Marcus / Letter in the Ether. As his blog, above. More writing, mostly about music.

  • Scope of Work. I’m sad I didn’t come across this newsletter (previously called The Prepared) sooner. Why have you all been keeping it from me? “A newsletter about engineering, manufacturing, and infrastructure” by people who are actually doing this stuff. It’s always really fascinating.

  • Things I Have Enjoyed & Things I Have Learnt by Alby. What it says. He enjoys and learns interesting things.

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