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Blogroll Keepers #8

When I follow a new-to-me blog or newsletter I put it in a “Tryout” folder in my feedreader. Over time I decide some aren’t for me, and some stop publishing, but others I stick with and move elsewhere. I also add them to my blogroll. And I mention them in posts like this. Here’s the previous post and here are all such posts.


  • Adam Johnson posts a lot of good quality stuff about Django, Python, Git, etc. There are many tech blogs but, unsurprisingly, really good ones are rare.

  • Aegir is the personal blog of a guy in Wales which is always worth clicking out of my feedreader to read because every post has its own beautiful style.

  • Cheese and Biscuits is Chris Pople’s blog of restaurant reviews, usually in London. I’m sure there are many of these, and I should probably investigate more, but I’ve enjoyed this one for a while.

  • Martin Truefitt-Baker makes beautiful linocut prints in Wales and blogs about the process.

  • Visual Science Lab by Kirk Tuck, a professional photographer who writes about his work, his cameras, his daily walks to take some pictures, and his swimming.


  • Future Crunch comes out every two weeks and is full of links to news stories that show positive progress in many fields: the environment, disease prevention, healthcare, women’s rights, gay rights, many other rights, literacy, etc, etc. Always refreshing.

  • London in Bits. Years ago I used to read the Londonist’s daily news round-ups. They disappeared but this 2- or 3-times-a-week newsletter, from original Londonist folks, is just enough London news for me. Lovely to have it back.

  • Robin Sloan’s main and lab newsletters. I could not tell you without looking which newsletter contains which posts, but they’re both interesting, from the author and olive oil producer.

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