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w/e 2023-03-05

Some things done this week:

  • Sent the second and last newsletter. Feeling an obligation to create two distinct kinds of content for the site’s newsletter and blog was too much for me.
  • Started work on making charts to surface some data about
  • Only added 30 new blogs to

I’m not sure if these little summaries are good, in order to remind me that I did get some things done this week, or bad in that they sometimes remind me how little I get done in a week.

In non-computer tasks I managed to fix a broken number-plate light on the car by bending the bulb-holding clip in a little bit. No idea about how to fix the brake light though, so that’s one for someone who has a clue.

§ Two Rouvy rides this week which, aside from some turning-things-on-and-off-for-the-Bluetooth-gods, worked well. I’ve figured out how to get heart-rate monitoring and Rouvy and Apple Fitness to work together:

  • Following this support article I installed HeartCast on my iPhone and Apple Watch. In Rouvy I can then select “HeartCast” as the source of heart rate data.
  • I’ve added Strava as a Connected App in Rouvy so that data for a completed workout is pushed to Strava.
  • In Strava I’ve turned on “Send to Health” (in Settings > Applications, Services, and Devices > Health). So the Rouvy workout, complete with heart rate data is sent to Strava, which sends it to Apple Fitness.

It works! A bit ridiculous though really isn’t it. None of the above affects the quality or amount of the exercise itself. It merely satisfied the obsessive part of me that’s concerned about potential data wafting away rather than being sequestered in Tim Apple’s data warehouse. I’m not sure it’s a part of me I should be satisfying, to be honest.

§ Following last week’s plea for uplifiting TV recommendations Tom A. suggested Julia which I would, and probably have, scrolled past as being not my cup of tea. But! It was just right. Very good, much richer, better and more interesting than I expected a drama-doc about Julia Child to be. Lots of fun. Thanks Tom!

§ We’ve seen two movies so far in the local Borderlines Film Festival:

  • Corsage (Marie Kreutzer, 2022) which was quite good but dragged after a while, with not much happening. It was quite jarring to hear musicians playing adaptations of modern songs given the rest of the film was a pretty straight period piece.
  • Godland (Hlynur Pálmason, 2022) which was good. Slower and longer still but it didn’t drag as much and had many lovely moments.

What with these and Julia and last week’s films I’m starting to think that instead of there being seven basic plots, maybe there’s only one: Men behave stubbornly and stupidly while one or more women do their best to plough on regardless. hashtag makes u think

§ That’s all, thinkers.

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