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w/e 2022-10-23

After a couple-few weeks of relaxed gentle productivity, this week my oomph dissipated entirely. There were a couple of days in which all I achieved was some exercise, cooking dinner, and ordering some Uniqlo pants.

We finished watching the latest season of Grand Designs, aside from the ongoing “revisits”. As ever, it’s entertaining, but I’d still like loads more detail. You could do an entire season about each build, with lots more details about the architecture, and the materials and processes. As well as the usual puzzle – “Have none of these people choosing to manage their own projects ever watched the show, to see how that turns out?” – I have another: “Why does no one have any contingency in their budget, given that even the smooth builds always go over a bit?” Better TV Phil, better TV.

Today I went to another acting class in London, this time working on a scene from The Morning Show – Alex going round to Mitch’s house to have a go at him, from the first episode – but the week’s lack of oomph was still with me and I was pretty rubbish. I couldn’t get into it, had no strong point of view, and felt like I was going through the motions, despite my excellent scene partner’s efforts. Not sure why I’m bothering.

For the past couple of days I’ve been at my parents’ in Essex, where I’ve fixed two filing cabinets, so the week hasn’t been a complete write-off.

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