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w/e 2022-10-02

Hello. I have little to report.

I’ve had a pleasant routine of reading, exercise, piano practise (recently re-started after not touching it since January), and admin in the mornings, followed by some coding in the afternoons. Continuing to make slow but steady progress on the new project.

I thought I might get webmentions working on this site again. They’ve been broken for months since I found a bug in the Django app I’m using, but the developer added lots of fixes and updates this week. But I think I’ve now found more problems. Webmentions are definitely not worth the time and hassle they’ve cost me.

I’ve cooked three Meera Sodha dinners this week – ramen, okonomiyaki, and hoppin’ John – and baked three loaves of bread and one batch of cookies. I’m a domestic goddess.

I’ve continued to read Good Night and Good Riddance into the early 1970s, while listening to some of the recordings. It seems like as soon as Peel arrived on Radio 1 he started to sound pretty much like how I remember him from nearly 20+ years later, rather than the young hippy he was a year or two earlier. And, while I knew that he’d played these artists, it’s still odd to hear him play yet-to-be-famous Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, etc. alongside Captain Beefheart, and the entirety of Fripp & Eno’s (No Pussyfooting) (backwards!).

We turned the heating on earlier in the week and yet this weekend I’ve been sitting outside in the sun in my t-shirt. It’s not interesting, but it is true.

§ I’ve seen three films (the first was last week, but I forgot to mention it):

  • Kajillionaire (2020, Miranda July) was quite good. Nice, quirky fun in places. Went on a bit long, as if they couldn’t work out which scenes to not keep adding.
  • An Autumn Tale (1998, Éric Rohmer). The last of his four seasons series and probably the one I enjoyed least. It was fine, but few of the characters were interesting to me.
  • Irma Vep (1996, Olivier Assayas). Like all those Rohmers, another mid-90s movie that I’m surprised I didn’t see at the time. I enjoyed this. A bit choppy but interesting. Now I’ll be ready to watch the new series one day.

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