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w/e 2022-03-06

It’s been an exhausting and slightly stressful week for mundane and non-alarming reasons. And I’m very bored of staring into a computer screen and I’m tired of the sound of my internal voice.

So, there’s nothing I want to write.

For this month’s Bandcamp Epic Games Friday (that was, at best, irritating) I went back through songs I’ve liked on Spotify over the past few years and bought a bunch of them. Here, in lieu of my week, are some of them.

Cassandra Jenkins – Hard Drive

I really like the feel of this.

Momus – Scuttle

Couldn’t buy that but still. scuttle

Ritual Cloak & Autumn Juvenile – You’re the Summer

From the description on YouTube: “This is music you can smugly share on your social media; working class fictions for middle class listeners. “

Christian Lee Hutson – Northsiders

Almost too nice but I like some of the phrases.

Partner – Everybody Knows

SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx)

Chloé – The Dawn (Original Mix)

Zsela – Noise

Love that video. Maybe see you next week.

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