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w/e 2022-01-09

OK, I guess we’re really doing this then, having a whole new year? Well, if you’re sure it’s a good idea, I guess we should make the best of it.

§ This week I’ve been listening a lot to Anna B Savage’s album A Common Turn, which came out a year ago but whatever. So good.

§ During 2021 the frequency with which I did any yoga dropped down to maybe once a week, so I thought I’d pick it up again with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga. I’m a day or two behind, partly because each day’s video only appears at 10am for some reason I don’t understand. Maybe yoga people don’t get up any earlier? Anyway, I’m liking it so far and, after the first minute or two of “getting in the zone”, there’s less chat than I remembered from when I last did her sessions, which is good.

§ My one work project at the moment is getting an existing, but rather old, website up-to-date. It’s from around 2014, with Python 2.7 and Django 1.6, and has no documentation, comments or tests. I’m pretty much starting from scratch, moving over and updating each part at a time. I can imagine some people would find this kind less-than-ideal situation not much fun but, so far, it’s quite satisfying. And this time there’s documentation, comments and tests.

It’s not really related but it reminded me of, way back, Aardman Animations wanting to get me in to make a small model of a bowl of Cocoa Pops, containing many very tiny individual Cocoa Pops, because it’s the kind of tedious, detailed task I guess they thought I was good at, or was at least tolerant of. But this was after I’d already got a part-time or full-time job, and had hung up my model-making tweezers, so it was left to someone else, presumably less tolerant.

[UPDATE: A couple of days later and I’ve realised it probably wasn’t Cocoa Pops. Maybe it was Weetos, which Aardman did make adverts for?]

§ I had my first dental check-up in about 2½ years this week. I still have teeth and they’re OK. Phew. Just need a visit to the hygienist in a couple of weeks to chisel at them.

§ We watched The Tourist (on iPlayer) this week which was good. A sort of Australian whodunnit but where you also have no idea whoitwasdoneto, because they’ve now got amnesia. The first couple of episodes were excellent, with no one really understanding what was going on or who anyone was, after which it flagged very slightly, but still good. Lots of nice desaturated views of dusty Australia.

Also, it’s a handy miniseries to remember in the unlikely event you’re ever playing a game in which you need to connect actors from Trapped, Justified and Line of Duty.

§ That’s all. I’m still playing The Last of Us: Part II and still loving it. I keep fearing that I’m near the end but so far there’s still more to do…

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