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w/e 2021-06-13

A day late, but I think we’ll survive.

§ We finished watching Ozark season two this week, which continued to be enjoyably tense. I still think of The Shield as the most tense I’ve been watching TV and it’s possible that my faulty memory has elevated it to unrealistic heights that nothing could ever reach. Therefore Ozark, like everything else, doesn’t match it but there’s still that gut-feeling of so many terrible things being juggled, about to hit the floor, and then, amazingly, yet another thing goes even more badly wrong and is thrown in. Laura Linney and Julia Garner continue to be the most fun to watch.

§ After Tom mentioned it, and then I saw it praised in several other places, we watched Bo Burnham: Inside which I loved. I wasn’t aware of him before — despite having Eighth Grade, which he wrote and directed, on my to-watch list — and knew next-to-nothing about the show, which is probably best. The only downside is that it might make you question whether what you’ve spent the past 15 months of all this doing has been of any worth.

§ That’s about it, other than a pork pie and squirrels and mice on the bird feeders, which I spaffed out on Twitter, thus reducing the already meagre pickings available for weekntoes.

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