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w/e 2020-11-29

It’s been foggy here for the past few days which, along with us going nowhere and doing little, only adds to the sense that time has stood still.

Black and white photo looking across a small field, past some winter trees, and down into a shallow valley bathed in mist
Misty Grey Valley

§ This week, in a sign of quite how unprecedented these times are, even though it’s still November, we started the Aldi Marzipan Stollen Bites. As I keep reading, we need to be gentle with ourselves, so easing early into the pleasures of Christmas seems only reasonable.

No mince pies yet though. I still have some standards.

§ We watched DNA this week, a rumpled, male, Danish detective piecing together a mystery about missing babies, also featuring Charlotte Rampling as a not-yet-retired-for-some-reason French detective. It was alright. Despite the fact we guessed one of the major reveals right at the start — very unusual for me — there were two nice things about the show. First, that people darted about between Denmark, Poland and Paris and it was nice to think of Europe as a continent of co-operating people very close together (which, of course, it is). And, second, it had a good, and affecting, ending. So often the endings in these things fall a bit flat, but that was good.

§ Unfortunately I don’t have a good ending for this week. That’s it.

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