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w/e 2020-11-01

Oh, it’s Sunday again. Sunday the umpteenth of March.

§ Last year I had a couple of nights acting in Peckham for a short film, Last Dance, that I heard nothing about since. Occasionally I’d look it up on IMDb to see if anything had changed as we crept closer to what it suggested was the 31st October 2020 release date. This week I noticed there were three reviews – I’ve no idea if they’re new or I just hadn’t noticed them before. They’re mixed, but let’s focus purely on this sentence about my silent performance in Nathaniel Eker’s article at UK Film Review:

Philip Gyford delivers a stunning performance purely through abnormal physicality

I also found the director on Instagram and here’s a trailer (I’d embed it but Instagram embeds seem unneccessarily huge). I should probably find out if/when the film will be available online. 🎬👨🏻‍🦲

§ Having nearly finished unpacking our belongings we realised we love the task so much we wanted to do more, oh yes. So this weekend we decided to swap offices, which meant moving the furniture and stuff out of Mary’s office, moving my furniture and stuff from my office to Mary’s-old/my-new office, and then moving Mary’s furniture and stuff into her new office, and then sorting everything out, plugging everything in again, etc. etc. The rooms are a little different and suit our workspaces better – and match our preferences for room temperatures better – so it was all worth it.

Look at us with our own home offices! What swanky luxury. We’re practically the same as Kim and Kanye. 👸🤴

§ After my last weeknotes went to, er, press, we finished watching Roadkill, Hugh Laurie as a Tory government minister amid some vaguely thrillery events. It was written by David Hare and it was better than I remember his Collateral being, which was all a bit Here’s An Important Issue. But it wasn’t particularly thrilling and I wasn’t hugely bothered about what happened to anyone. 📺

The conspiracy aspects felt a bit clunky and I wasn’t initially convinced by the realism of many things, although I bow to Alice’s experience of government and newspapers. But then I watched Tom playing Watch Dogs: Legion and, despite it being fun to watch, I was reminded how unconvincing conspiracy plots, realism and dialogue can be. So well done after all David Hares! 🎮

§ I hope it’s a good week despite it all. 🤞

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