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Sara Renberg - ‘Night Sands’

This week, I’ve been listening to Night Sands by Sara Renberg on repeat, having heard a track on Dandelion Radio. This seems to be how I discover a lot of albums I like these days: one track on Dandelion jumps out at me, I listen to the album on Spotify, and like it enough to (possibly pointlessly) buy it.

Night Sands is on Bandcamp and Spotify and Renberg has a website. Here’s a track from the album, Ex Party:

Here are some comments by her about each track. I like having a bit of backstory to each song.

Some of the tracks really remind me of something very familiar, but obviously not familiar enough to remember. I want to say it’s a favourite from the 1990s, That Dog, minus their violin and harmonies, but I’m not sure that’s who I’m thinking of. Here’s Never Say Never:

Now I listen to it, they sound nothing alike. Maybe it’s just the tone of the voices. Anyway.

My listening has all been a bit singer-songwriter recently. Before Renberg and Phoebe Bridgers I was listening to Leif Vollebekk a lot. Here’s the video for Elegy from the album Twin Solitude (on Spotify):

I obviously need to discover some new jarring electronic sounds from the future to balance all this out.

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