Pelinore from 'Imagine' magazine

Imagine was a magazine published in the UK by TSR in the early 1980s. While sorting out some of my role-playing past recently I found a folder of pages cut out of the magazines that describe a campaign world called Pelinore for Dungeons & Dragons. I googled and found a few forum threads in which people ask about it but not much else. So I’ve scanned everything I have and put them into this PDF document:

Download pelinore.pdf (26.9MB)

Given the size it’s probably best to right-click to download it, rather than trying to view it in your browser. I don’t think it’s complete but it must be very nearly all there.

I’ve since noticed there is a probably more complete version as a torrent on but hopefully my version will be useful to anyone interested who, like me, doesn’t have an account there.

I haven’t played RPGs for nearly twenty years but I still find attempts like this to describe cities, countries and the way a world works fascinating.


  • Were you involved in any way with the original writing or creation of Pelinore?

  • I wasn't no.

  • Phil
    You sir, are a star and a godsend.

    I bought all the original Imagine magazines at the time but didn't have/hadn't found a group to play it with, or wasn't ready to DM, when I did. I even wrote out a section of the City League to submit to the magazine...

    Then the usual curse of gaming came - exams and then left home for uni, leaving all my gaming stuff and magazines in the loft...
    Suffice to say the parents moved, stuff went to jumble sales and I forgot all about it.

    Have got back into RPG and remembered Pelinore and the City League.

    And now Pelinore will live again!!


  • Thank you indeed. I use to have most of these magazines, but ended up getting rid of them years ago after a house-move. I loved these when I was younger. And I can certainly use them again today. Many thanks.

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