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17 December 2008


  1. Google Reader vs Bloglines Beta

    I’ve recently switched to Google Reader after years of Bloglines. Here are the differences that matter to me.




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    Got all teary watching Charlie Brooker's wonderful tribute to Oliver Postgate.

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    Wahey... turns out that laughter *is* the best medicine! (Well, and paracetomol.) (And paracetomol's caffeine.) (And rice pudding.)

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    Today shaping up to be a complete washout. Compensating with 'Arrested Development' and rice pudding.

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    Slept. Dreamed I was in San Francisco, made a new friend. Watched all of the Australian sitcom she starred in. Got fined for file-sharing.

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    Oh well, might as well get up. Very tired but not sleepy. How is that possible?

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    It's 4.22am and I'm now wide awake. It shouldn't be allowed. Sleep, Phil, sleep!